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Comisa SpA has been manufacturing and selling in the world, for 50 years, high quality plumbing and heating components and underfloor heating and cooling systems for both civil and industrial purposes. Comisa is the leading company specialized in two main business areas: Plumbing and heating and Energy.

Plumbing and heating

Plumbing and heating

Production of components suitable to any plumbing and heating system.

From 1969 Comisa S.p.a. is specialized in the production and sale of fittings and valves. The company produces a wide range of components of various sizes, suitable to every civil and industrial heating and plumbing system. Directly managing the entire process, from the choice of raw materials, through stamping, assembly and strict quality controls, Comisa ensures that the product meets criteria of extreme quality and durability

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Comisa energy

Cutting-edge solutions for underfloor heating and cooling systems

Comisa places, at the base of its professional growth, the need to optimize energy resources. This challenge has led to the Comisa Energy division, which, relying on a dedicated and extremely specialized team, responds to the professional demands of all sectors of the ITS and private sectors, creating high quality technological systems for underfloor heating and cooling systems, ensuring all users a considerable energy saving.

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Comisa: devotion to quality, always and above all.

Vocation to excellence and total dedication to the customer: these are the cornerstones of the mission of Comisa, which places the quality of the finished products and, even more, of the selected materials, at the focus point of the entire production process. Comisa holds, as a company specialized in the plumbing and heating field, the supremacy in the realization of underfloor heating and cooling systems, suitable for any living environment.


Comisa, a company in constant development.

Comisa was founded in 1969 in Pisogne (Bs). Always attentive to the needs of the territory, Comisa is now a competitive reality in all sectors of plumbing and heating. Comisa is constantly focused on the development of human resources and therefore in the full involvement of its company staff in all stages of the production process, so that to ensure valid products and great manufacture.


Highly automated departments and latest technology machinery.

Solid and reliable reality, Comisa was born to promote the great manufacturing tradition of Made in Italy. The industrial system runs through well-structured and cutting-edge departments that lead to the 4.0 automation of all phases of production: from hot stamping to machining, assembly and testing, up to packaging and shipping.


Comisa, the flag of Made in Italy in the world.

We have implemented from the beginning, an international vision, which brings us outside our local reality and allows us to compare ourselves with other giants of the sector, to continue our evolution and professional growth. We export our finished and valued products throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa and South America.


Comisa looks at the future with respect for the environment

We believe that there is a clean way to protect the environment. Comisa has always placed the attitude of preserving natural balance at the base of its work through constant investments in renewable energy. This philosophy is reflected both in its facilities, equipped with low environmental impact systems, and in the type of products made, which aim to energy saving.

the production process

Comisa is a company qualified in the production of plumbing and heating components and underfloor heating and cooling systems.

Raw materials

Comisa selects only the highest quality materials, from which it is possible to obtain and manufacture valid products that satisfy the customers’ needs in the long term. Thanks to the use of certified brass alloys, the plumbing components produced are fully compliant with the current regulations and are therefore suitable for drinking water.


Quality comes first. This is the slogan on which the team of Comisa bases its work to ensure products of excellent quality and heating and cooling systems suitable to any living environment. Thanks to a highly qualified staff, Comisa carefully takes care of all the phases of the production process, without forgetting any detail, to guarantee the customer the highest level of performance.


Hot stamping is the phase of the production process in which the molding of raw materials takes place. The department that takes care of this first major step consists of the latest generation presses that reach a maximum pressure of 500,000 kg / cm2. The technical department of the company is able to realize 100% of the molds used in the processing phases.


The assembly chain is equipped with the most important industrial automation solutions on the market:4.0. It is the phase of the process in which all elements meet to give life to the product. Robotic islands and vision systems guarantee very high production efficiency standards. Thanks to highly skilled artisans, a symbol of excellence of the company and on which Comisa invests in training, our customer is guaranteed a unique manufacturing / craft product.


Comisa offers shipping services throughout Italy and abroad. Each Comisa product represents the excellence of Made in Italy that we ship to more than 50 countries around the world, both for small and large quantities, thanks to efficient transport companies and several trucks marked Comisa.


Comisa S.p.a. provides its customers, dealers and technicians, a wide network of services: from consulting and commercial assistance to the organization of training courses for professionals of the plumbing and heating sector. In this way, the Brescia-based company enables its customers to employ products in the best way, making the most of all their potential and functionality.



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